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The Ryno Institute offers several program options, as well as services to help you better your MX and MTB technique and skills. We work with Pro Athletes all the way down to beginners, and we focus on each rider individually to fine-tune their riding, safety, health and nutrition. 

Monthly MX Training Program

This program is recommended for all levels of riders, from beginners to novices, intermediates, and Pros. We do require that each participant coming into the program be an experienced rider (meaning, being able to ride. We don't teach first-time riders in this program). Riders immerse themselves in the Institute and receive unlimited riding and coaching. They learn the lifestyle of a factory rider and benefit from riding and pushing themselves amongst the other riders enrolled in the program. Ryan works with our athletes Mon-Fri, with three days on the bike for four hours, one day of a strenuous mountain bike ride (great MX cross training) and two days in the gym for approximately one hour. This program includes consulting phone calls with athlete while on the road if desired. The Ryno Institute also does metabolic body typing to help you improve your training diet by learning how to live a healthful life through food and exercise. Our nutrition is the building blocks of our body and often times can mean the difference of a race win or loss, and in healing the body if coming back from an injury. Body fat testing, VO2 Max testing, and further nutritional analysis/diets referrals are also available. Please contact us at for more info.


MONTHLY PROGRAM $1600 Per Month  

Includes 3 days riding, 1-day mountain bike, 2 days gym. This program is a minimum 1-month commitment and we take up to 5 riders at a time. Contact us for availability in this program and to reserve your future spot today.

*Customized Professional Athlete Programs Available. Contact us for more information. 
LIVE: Online Training

The Ryno Institute is excited about our newest addition to Ryan's training program. This cost-effective program allows you to work with Ryan one-on-one from anywhere in the world.


In this program, Ryan can work with several different disciplines of machines and sports; including Motocross, Supercross, Off-Road, Road, Rally, Mountain Biking, XC MTB, Downhill MTB, Enduro MTB, BMX as well as athletes in any sport genre, trainers in specific fields and parents that would like to learn to train their own kids.


In this month-to-month program, Ryan works with you to focus on everything that makes a rider and an athlete perform better. Together, you'll work on your nutrition, gym training, cardiovascular strength and conditioning, flexibility and imbalances, and riding and racing technique (in many disciplines-not just MX).


Once a week Ryan will meet with you privately for one hour on a Skype appointment, face-to-face while implementing our online training website, During the appointment, you'll go over your provided videos, your week's training and the following:

  1. Evaluation of your riding, racing and/or athletic technique imbalances

  2. Evaluation of your riding/athletic performance video each week

  3. Evaluating your gym workouts-you can virtually workout with Ryan!

  4. Evaluating your flexibility through stretching and yoga

  5. Question and answer; Talk of weekly tips

  6. Evaluating your nutrition


For these appointments, the athlete must be able to provide a video of their riding or athletic performance. Video can be taken with iPhone, GoPro, etc. You will also need computer access to Skype with Ryan. Facetime can also be used. 


Sport Specific Training Program 


This program includes your one-hour appointment once a week, plus a FREE Ryno Power Gym Membership valued at $249.95 (for clients making a 3-month minimum commitment) and 30% off all Ryno Power Sport Supplements products. Workouts are specifically made just for you and your athletic needs.



Mountain Bike Training

Our Mountain Bike Training Program meets four times a week, Mon/Wed/Fri. On Mondays and Fridays at 4PM, our athletes work in the gym to build strength and endurance through functional training movements. On Wednesdays at 4PM (3:30PM during daylight savings), athletes meet at different local areas to ride and work on mountain bike handling, skills and techniques and on Saturday at 8AM to ride, working on endurance. 


This program is great for high school mountain bikers and anyone looking to improve their bike handling skills, strength and endurance. 


$300/mo for three days (Additional: Saturday endurance rides are FREE!)   


*Interested in Ryan working with your team? Contact us for special team rates. 

Health Coaching with Certified Health Coach

Want to make a shift to create better health and well being within your life? You can work with Certified Health Coach, Certified Food Literacy Educator and Personal Trainer, Jennifer Hughes. Jennifer has years of experience in nutrition and health and specializes in working with food allergies and celiac disease. 


A Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices. Health Coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. Health Coaches know how to work with diverse groups of people and are equipped with the tools necessary to best fit the needs of their clients. Health coaches also serve as a liaison between physicians and the client, to help implement dietary and healthy lifestyle changes. 


Make a lifestyle change today that will dramatically impact and drastically improve your health! Visit for more information. 


In-House, Phone and Skype appointments available.

  • $195/mo 6 Month Program, Meet 2 Times a Month for 50 Minute Sessions

  • $449/mo 6 Month Program, Meet Weekly for 50 Minute Sessions in person, by phone or via Skype; includes unlimited Optimal Fitness classes or written workout program geared specificaly towards your needs each month. 


We Offer Several Additional Programs Including MX Juniors, Private Coaching,

Personal Training, and More. 

Contact us today if you would like a program customized just for you. We have 14 years of coaching and training experience in catering to the needs of our athletes. 


If you'd like to bring Ryan to your area to teach, please contact us at

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