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Healing & Recovery


Brought to the sport functional techniques - functional gym training - organic eating - high-quality supplements - healing protocols - mindset - yoga.


Now bringing to the sport a healing retreat for the broken down rider - the burnt outrider - the rider that has to hang it up - or the rider that just wants to rejuvenate!


The sport is full of coaches teaching technique and fitness - but only one offering the most important part of such a brutal sport HEALING !!

"you are a product..."

"You are a product of your environment, what you watch, read, listen to, eat, hang around, and habits become you."

Take the time you need to learn how to recover and heal your body. This retreat is meant for lasting results, and to teach you how to maintain these routines. 

Join Ryan and others in a week of learning in a hands-on approach. Learn to eat, recover, and heal with certified coaches guiding you along the way.  

Ice, heat, yoga, meditation, stretches, diet, routines, fun, and more.


Recover Faster

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Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 2.05.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 2.17.02 PM.png


Heal More completely

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Feel Better

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Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 2.03.45 PM.png

What's Included?

  • 1 week with Ryan

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Classes

  • Body work

  • Daily Routines

  • Exploring

  • Meals

  • Entertainment


Big Island


Single - $3,500 

2 for $6,500


Big Island

Feb. 19-25th, 2023

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